The Power of Petitioning

Exploring and visualising the power of early modern petitioning

This a website by Sharon Howard for exploring and visualising data created by and for the Power of Petitioning in the 17th Century (TPOP). Most pieces are likely to be quite short, with commentary focusing on explanation of the visuals rather than discussion of findings.

In the first instance, I’ll be focusing on Cheshire petitions because I’m writing a case study on the county, and particularly on exploring themes that I want to think about in the case study.

The second reason for the website is to give me a place for slightly more thought-out and smartened-up versions of visualisations I’ve posted from time to time on Twitter (and keep losing track of!).


TPOP collections

potential extra datasets

Themes for exploration

in preparation:

Explorations will also hopefully be expanded beyond my current focus on Quarter Sessions petitions at some stage.